Cleaner air for a healthier life. Why do we need healthy air?

Air Handling Units

It is essential that ventilation equipment and air handling units are maintained to a high standard to ensure that buildings remain healthy places to work. Safe and efficient ventilation systems will ensure that occupants are comfortable and benefit from good indoor air quality.

Our preventative maintenance regime will also prevent potentially harmful contamination entering the building. Good duct work hygiene is also an essential requirement in providing and maintaining a safe and healthy working environment and avoiding health risks, which is why we regularly replace filters to ensure that airborne particles are prevented from reducing airflow in HVAC systems.

Ventilation units can become contaminated over time with particles of pollen, dust or other debris and insects, if moisture is present from the air, the potential for microbiological development or mold is increased and mold spores from the growth can be released into the air. Using biocide chemicals can help reduce the risk.


The Life Cycle of Air Filters

The life cycle of an air filter is short, which is why we recommend regular replacement to keep air handling systems clean so that they perform in accordance with their design specification. From a long-term perspective, it is evident that energy consumption via the drive motor is increased when the pressure differential over an air filter increases, therefore dirty filters result in an increase in overall energy consumption and an avoidable increase in your energy costs.

Biocide Cleaning Regime

Air handling units and heat recovery ventilation systems are utilised in many buildings throughout the UK to ensure the provision of pleasant, healthy working environments. One important area of the air handling system is often overlooked until problems develop.

Stagnant condensation, accumulation of dust and airborne particles which attach to the surfaces of ventilation equipment provides an ideal habitat for various bacteria, which multiply rapidly forming bad smells and potential dangerous conditions to arise.

Opting to use our maintenance plan we can use heavy duty coil cleaning biocide chemicals which contain a powerful disinfectant to kill virtually all bacteria and other microbes growing in and around air to air heat exchangers and thus helping eliminate the sources of bad odours in the process.