Commercial Catering Gas Engineers

Commercial Catering Equipment Repairs & Servicing in North Wales and North West

There's nothing worse when your catering equipment breaks down or isn't working correctly, and you have hungry customers, employees or residents to feed. Evans Maintenance has a service plan and maintenance contract that provides you with an easy, stress-free way of keeping your kitchen operational and productive.

Our routine preventative maintenance is an excellent and efficient way to reduce the risk of breakdown and it helps prolong the life expectancy of your equipment and, most importantly, it's operating safely.


Commercial Kitchen Installations comprise of more than just the appliances. Ventilation systems play a part along with gas proving and monitoring controls systems 

We have the benefit of understanding not only how kitchen appliances operate but also how the supply air handling and extract ventilation integrates with gas proving systems and how the constant temperature, heating and building management controls can impact the reliability and functionality of the gas supply serving the kitchens, which is paramount.


Our services include:

  • Gas range cookers
  • Gas fryers
  • Gas steamers
  • Gas bratt pans
  • Gas hot plates
  • Gas proving systems
  • Ventilation control proving systems
  • Environmental testing 
  • Supply & Extract Ventilation 


Our trained team of gas engineers covering Wrexham, Chester, North Wales and the North West are on hand and ready to respond to your gas catering requirements. Why not give us a call and we will be happy to discuss and provide guidance, we are here to help.