Gas Pipework Solutions

We provide a professional consultancy and service for the testing and commissioning of gas supply pipe distribution systems.

According to today's health and safety requirements, it is the duty of site managers to ensure that gas supplies under their control are maintained and tested to ascertain they are safe to use. Evans Maintenance Services are on hand to provide these services as well as offer advice to our clients. 

Our services include:

  • Pipe line surveys and gas line diagrams
  • Gas Booster Maintenance & Repairs 
  • Detailed site surveys and preparation of asset registers
  • Strength testing of new installation pipework
  • Pressure testing gas supply pipework for gas tightness for compliance
  • Leak testing and identification
  • De-commissioning of redundant pipeline
  • Alterations of existing pipelines
  • New installations


Gas Pressure Monitoring and Pressure Data Logging

We can also offer specialist gas pressure data logging services for gas supply pressure monitoring on incoming gas mains or at points within a gas distribution pipework. We can program data logging equipment to monitor and log gas pressures using an autonomous battery powered digital pressure transducer

This is especially useful when trying to diagnose suspected pressure losses or fluctuations in gas supply pressure which are not constant or intermittent in nature. This is very helpful where gas burners, boilers and other gas appliances can develop intermittent faults relating to an excessively low supply pressure or pressure fluctuations resulting in an appliance going into a fault condition at certain times of day or during an early start due to optimum early morning start up via control BMS systems


  • Ability to record pressure over long periods of time  
  • High measuring accuracy & resolution
  • High data security due to use of a non-volatile memory
  • Display of the actual pressure using LCD display
  • Recording of gas pressure  and temperature


We have used this equipment to identify where distribution network supply pressure can be reduced during the night where demand is less by the gas supplier or where other heating plant or process equipment is operated directly affecting supply pressure in the pipework

We can program our calibrated pressure transducer to log at various intervals adjustable down to 1 measuring cycle per second and up to 57,000 measured values for long duration's up to weeks at a time.

Using the data we can provide timed pressure graphs and visual data to help ascertain the condition and suitable gas supply pressure is adequate 



Gas Pipework Commissioning & Decommissioning

We are also able to provide a Decommissioning service for gas supplies using nitrogen and specialist purge equipment and flare equipment for both natural gas and heavier than air LPG and butane gases. We are able to purge equipment where modifications or repairs are required on gas supply pipework in a safe manner and according to the Institute of Gas Engineers and Managers Document IGE1 or IGE1a where appropriate.

We hold stock of nitrogen (N) in readiness for emergency gas pipework de-commissioning in the event of gas leaks or where pipework systems need to be cleared of gas. We also have specialist bespoke flare stacks for commissioning new natural gas pipework into use and LPG heavier than air gas automatic in particular where safety and environmental concerns are significant, where flaring flammable gases is necessary.

Our flare stacks are compliant with IGEM Utilization Proceedures UP/1 and 1A industry guidelines