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Water Systems Storage | Cold Water Boosters | TMV Mixing Valves & Waste Water Pumping Station


Thermostatic Mixing Valves

TMV mixing valves require annual maintenance to test using calibrated thermometer to ensure outlet water temperature is maintained to 43°c and that slam shut safety features operate in the event of a loss of cold water. Also TMV mixing valves should be stripped and cleaned annually and internal filters cleared of any debris in line with the requirements of the L8 Approved Code of Practice 

We can assist you with meeting the requirements of your Water Risk Assessment  


Cold Water Boosters

Cold Water Boosters are critical to plant operation and building users. Failure can mean a loss water supply to welfare facilities and other key services. Regular maintenance can prevent a loss of service and ensure an efficient operation of pumps and auxiliary equipment. All the components that make up a cold water booster system are equally important from buffer expansion pressure vessels to the pump control pressure switches and inverters. 

We service & maintain most manufacturers of Cold Water Booster many of which are listed below:-

  • Aquatech
  • Armstrong
  • Grundfos
  • Lowara
  • Pneumatex  
  • Pressmain
  • Wilo


Heating Pressurisation Units

Commercial pressurised heating systems use heating pressurisation units to ensure the system water is kept topped up and to the correct operating pressure within variable temperature radiator circuits and constant temperature to heating coils.

These often smaller items of plant can stop and interlock an entire heating and hot water systems if pressures drop too low. Comprising of a peripheral pump, system expansion pressure vessel and interlock low and high pressure switches, they range from basic to complex where pressure transfer units move volume of heating water from the system into holding vessels and back when the heating system is in operation.

We can offer you a technically competent team of engineers to assist with the servicing, maintenance and breakdowns covering all types of pressure unit.  


Water Hygiene

Regular cleaning and chlorination of cold water storage tanks and system pipework is vital to maintaining water hygiene. Not all water systems are the same, so each requires a different treatment. We can provide you with the disinfection of all types of water systems from new mains supplies to water storage tanks.

Our engineers are on hand to provide you with the following services:

  • Disinfection of new or contaminated mains supplies
  • Cleaning of water storage tanks to ACOP L8
  • Chlorination of water supply to ACOP L8
  • Cleaning of process water systems
  • Cleaning of cooling towers and evaporative condensers

The L8 Code of Practice has a special legal status. If you are prosecuted for a breach of health and safety law, and it is proved that you did not follow the relevant provisions of the Code then depending on the circumstances a court may find you at fault.


Wastewater Pumping Stations

Waste water sewage pumping stations are critical, we offer peace of mind that your pumping station operates efficiently and greatly reducing the risk of expensive repairs and breakdowns. We cover all types of systems which are usually installed in caravan parks, hotels, hospitals and schools. We provide a service which suits your specific requirements helping you meet your environmental compliance, while extending the life cycle of your pumping equipment.

  • Maintenance, servicing and repairs of all types of pumping station
  • Fully equipped modile repair teams
  • Access to a fully equipped pump and motor repair facility
  • 24 Hour breakdown assistance
  • All engineers are fully trained, competent and knowledgeable  


Our highly skilled and knowledgeable staff have all the relevant qualifications so you can be confident of our ability to provide a highly skilled competent engineers that will answer to all your water system requirements from pumps, boosters mixing valves. We use only specialist calibrated equipment and we attached great importance to health and safety procedures in all our work.