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7 Reasons To Get Your Boiler Fit For Winter

Getting your boiler winter ready sounds like common sense.  However, the boiler is not something we think too much about until the autumn arrives. Suddenly, property owners flick the switches and set the times and it’s time to shock the boiler into life once again for another hard winter.

1.  Keeping your Warranty Valid

If you have recently purchased a boiler you will no doubt have some kind of warranty that provides you with cover if anything goes wrong with it. These warranties can often span several years and they can save a lot of money if the boiler breaks down prematurely.

An expensive breakdown is the last thing anyone wants or needs!

2.    It will give you peace of mind

If you ever wake up early in the morning with things on your mind, it is likely that the possibility of your heating breaking down is one of them. It’s not nice getting up on a cold frosty morning with no heating, and it is surprising how quickly a house can get cold in the winter even if the heating has been on the previous night. So if you want to rest easy during the cold winter nights, then service your boiler so that you don’t get any nasty surprises.

3.    It can reduce your heating bills

Have you noticed how everything seems to be getting more expensive? Water rates, council tax, heating and electricity bills never seem to end do they?  Getting your boiler serviced regularly can contribute to keeping your gas bill down by ensuring the burner is running at optimum combustion efficiency so that you can spend more of your hard earned cash on the good things in life like holidays and enjoying the Christmas break.

4.    It will keep your home or business safe

How often do you hear of buildings exploding caused by faulty gas installations? Neglecting anything to do with gas in the home or trying to maintain things without the correct training can seriously endanger people whether it’s a home, business or communal dwelling.  Fuel burning appliances can produce carbon monoxide gases – and that includes oil boilers, solid fuel boilers, and biomass boilers – can have the potential if not correctly maintained to put you at risk of breathing in the harmful gas. Carbon Monoxide gas is also odourless and colourless so anyone breathing in the fumes will have no idea.

If carbon monoxide leaks during the night when everyone is asleep, people can and do die as a result. Regular inspection and maintenance help avoid these extreme consequences.

5.    Keeping up with maintenance

Any pipework, appliances and flues should be maintained and inspected regularly by someone qualified and this is particularly the case if you happen to be a landlord, business owner or anyone who is the ‘responsible persons’ for any domestic or commercial business property. Any appliances must also be serviced in accordance with manufacturers’ instructions.

Failing to do this will not only see you labelled as a rogue landlord, but also you could be sent to prison if it is proved that negligence in this area caused harm to tenants, damage to property or even a near miss.

6.    Doing your gas safety checks on time

All landlords, business owners and employers hold a duty of care as the responsible person. We can help you with compliance.

The responsible person (employer/business owner/landlord) holds a duty of care to ensure the regular maintenance and safe condition of any gas appliance or installation pipework under their control.

In addition, local authorities in conjunction with the Gas Safe Register are continuing to focus on commercial safety.

7.    Keeping a record of gas safety checks

It is one thing having a gas safety check and complying with the minimum legal requirements but it is also just as important to keep a record. A record of any gas safety checks must be provided to your tenant within 28 days of them moving in to avoid problems.  However, you need to keep copies for two years in order to prove regular maintenance.

Keeping your boiler and other gas appliances serviced and in good working order needn’t cost the earth. Contact us about gas maintenance and we will make sure that gas safety is one less thing on your mind this winter.

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