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Conwy Council – Air Handling, Chiller Plant & Boiler Plant Contract Win

Evans Maintenance wins Conwy Council Air Handling, Chiller Plant and Boiler Maintenance contract 2019-2022

Evans Maintenance Services won by competitive tender this week the contract to provide Conwy County Borough Council with the servicing and maintenance of their Air Handling Unit, Chiller plant and Boilers.

Having visited the Conwy Council buildings to collect information required to submit a tender we were able to ascertain an accurate assessment of each individual air handling unit, the grades of filters required, sizes and quantities for each.  As you can imagine there are a lot of hours which go into our tenders which allows us to provide an accurate maintenance strategy for each site and cost for each visit.

Once all the data was collated, we then look at procuring the best value by approaching our suppliers whom we have long term relationships to commit to providing us with quality products at competitive prices.

The tender requires us to provide supporting evidence of our financial standing, sufficient insurance cover, health & safety and our ability to manage safety in the work place and for our team. The technical ability of our operatives and of their development program which we operate, along with company policy covering environment, health and safety, work force involvement and accident statistics.

Being members of BESA the Building Engineering Services Association, CHAS and Safe Contractor also strongly demonstrates our commitment to safe management and high levels of technical competence

So many hours of preparation paid off when we were notified this week of their intention to award us with the contract with a term lasting until 2022.

Indoor air Quality

Most people will spend 90% of their time indoors and therefore exposed to the indoor environment. Contaminants in an indoor environment are more than 1000 times available for inhalation than in outdoor air and can be 10 times more polluted.

Existing building regulations enforce improved air-tightness on all new buildings, so its important to have air changes within internal spaces. Inadequately operating ventilation systems or blocked filters can mean the air changes fall below the minimum recommended 0.5 air changes per hour (ac/H) necessary to avoid condensation and a build up of C02.

Health Implications

The link between poor indoor air and health is well documented, with links to a range of health problems including asthma & allergy symptoms, lung cancer, chronic obstruction pulmonary disease, airborne respiratory infections and cardiovascular disease.

High levels of carbon dioxide in offices and classrooms could can effect concentration and may be the reason so many doze off in meetings. Typical outdoor concentrations of CO² are around 380 parts per million (ppm), indoor concentrations can easily reach several thousand ppm where no ventilation system or poor ventilation systems are in place.

There is a link between high levels of carbon dioxide present in classrooms and offices and a decline in work performance and concentration.


  • Heat recovery units which operate by recovery the heat from the exhaust air and transferring the heat energy to the fresh supply air. Heat recovery or HRV’s can recover up to 85% of the heat from the extract air stream.
  • Air handling unit maintenance is often overlooked or simply forgotten about, as mostly these are installed within roof voids or out of sight.
  • Most units incorporate synthetic panel filters and bag filters which require replacement regularly depending on the application of the system, but usually every 6 months for general office areas.
  • Productivity can suffer through a lack of air changes within offices where excess CO² is allowed to accumulate.
    Best compromise between good indoor air quality and optimal utilisation of energy efficiency

The air we breathe is critical to our health, comfort and productivity.


Managing Director Tim Evans said: “All the team put a lot of effort into this project from attending site, discussions with our supply chain, planning access and high level working requirements. We’re proud to  to offer our services once again and to continue supporting Conwy Council. We hope for a long and prosperous partnership.”

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