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Commercial & Industrial Heating Services Engineers

We service all of North Wales, Wrexham and Chester areas and are one of the longest serving mechanical heating contractors in North Wales and the North West which started back in 1946

In order to prolong the lift expectancy of your industrial heating and hot water systems means that routine maintenance is required to test, inspect and maintain the components within your boiler house or plant room.

This allows for a preemptive approach to taken where problems can be caught early and allowing for repairs to be carried out before expensive replacements are required, which can easily run into thousands

As part of any pre planned maintenance scheme (PPM) we can help you by ensuring maximum efficient operation and to reduce nuisance breakdowns of you gas appliances and other heating and hot water related equipment

We also assist facilities maintenance providers with their routine maintenance for many factories, schools and healthcare environments where reliable operation is critical and to reduce possible out of service penalties

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Service & Maintenance

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AHU Ventilation & Heat Recovery

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Commercial Catering

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Pump Boosters and Pressure Units

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Gas Pipework

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