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Kitchen Ventilation

Kitchen Ventilation


Making a commercial kitchen a safe environment in which to work is key.  Kitchen ventilation has to consider temperature, humidity control and removal of products of combustion generated from gas fired kitchen appliances.  Open flue catering appliances make this even more important.

In any commercial kitchen there must be adequate provision for the extraction of cooking odours and combustion products. Its also important to supply fresh air equal to the volume of air being removed

Gas appliances also require fresh air to ensure good combustion. Where fans and ventilation units are used provide this ventilation the gas appliances must be interlocked to prevent operation should the fan fail

Co and Co2 in Commercial Kitchens

Our engineers also check that the environment including Co2 and Co levels within commercial kitchens meet with the regulations. While the kitchen is in use we would measure to ensure Co2 levels do not exceed 2800ppm and Co 10ppm

Supply & Extraction Units

Our engineers frequently service, maintain and repair supply and extraction air handling units so by commissioning Evans Maintenance you can be assured all bases are covered. Problems can occur when insufficient air is being moved which can be due to panel and bag filters becoming blocked, or where drive belts fail between the motor and fan. We stock filter media and drive belts too

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