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Pumps, Boosters, Pressure Units, & Plumbing

Pumps, Boosters, Pressure Units & Plumbing

Plant rooms have many ancillary components which form part of a complete heating, hot water and cold water system. Our engineers have the technical ability and experienced in all these categories from pumps, pressure units to cold water boosters and can help support you in the event of a breakdown or routine service & maintenance works

We can offer as part of our planned routine maintenance inspect test and service all equipment within a boiler house or plant room. Some of the key components are listed below, please click for more information

Heating & Hot Water Pumps

For more information on our Heating & Hot water circulation pumps services we offer, please click here

Cold Water Boosters

For more information on type of cold water boosters and the services we offer, please click here

Heating Pressurisation Units

For more information on Heating Pressurisation Units and the services we offer, please click here

Expansion Pressure Vessel

For more information on potable and heating system expansion pressure vessels and the services we offer, please click here


For more information relating to our plumbing, pipework installation and leak repair services, please click here

TMV Mixing Valves

For more  information on the services and maintenance as part of L8 covering thermostatic mixing valves, please click here

L8 Legionella

For more information on how we can assist you with complying with the L8 Legionella requirements, please click here

Other Info

If its in a plant room or boiler house we are your people to call when it comes to routine maintenance, repairs and breakdowns. Our engineers are very experienced when it comes to diagnosing faults with all types of industrial and commercial heating or hot water systems and their auxiliary components

Just give our helpdesk a call and we can discuss your specific requirements or to schedule an engineer to call

Service & Maintenance

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AHU Ventilation & Heat Recovery

If you’re looking for ventilation service & maintenance we offer, all the information is over on our air handing page, just click the link above

Commercial Catering

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Pump Boosters, Pressure Units and Plumbing

Why not check out the services we offer for heating & hot water pumps, pressurisation units and cold-water boosters by clicking the above link

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