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Expansion Pressure Vessel

Expansion Pressure Vessels

Pressurised closed systems on either heating, hot water or chilled water systems may include Expansion Pressure Vessels. They come in various sizes from 2 litre to 2000 litre and they play an important roll within any heating or hot water system.

Some vessels fall within the Pressure Systems Safety Regulations 2000 (PSSR) covering the safe design and use of pressure systems. The stored energy within pressure vessels means they should be regularly inspected and maintained.  This should form part of your written scheme of examination which is a legal requirement in some instances.


An expansion pressure vessel is used to prevent the dangerously high pressure that expansion of fluid can cause when heated. Vessels consist of a neoprene bag or bladder which is positioned inside the steel vessel and as the fluid expands within the bag the surrounding air pressure is compressed absorbing expansion


We carry out service, maintenance, commissioning and repairs to all types of expansion pressure vessels available in the UK.  As part of our routine maintenance, we annually inspect vessels.

Annual checks to ensure the diaphragm bag or bladder has not failed, charge pressure checked against the system pressure requirements and recharged if necessary. The condition of the outer vessel must be inspected along with any flexible connections to the vessel which can become blocked

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