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Heating Pressurisation Units

Pressurisation Units

Commercial heating and cooling systems usually incorporate pressurisation units.   They are used as an automated filling device to keep the system topped up with water pressure

Domestic heating boilers normally have a manual filling loop in the form of a braided hose and valve arrangement.  This is not suitable for larger systems where automation is required. However they do need to be regularly serviced and maintained and that’s where we can help you


Pressurisation units usually have a peripheral pump or piston pump to generate the water pressure.  They will also have a device to monitor system pressure in the form of a static water pressure switch or a pressure transducer sensor. A small water storage tank is used as a break tank to serve the pump

They usually incorporate low and high water pressure interlock switches.  These should be linked to the heating system controls to disable the pumps and boilers in the event of the system pressure being too low or too high.  This prevents a dry running condition which can damage boilers and pumps


We service, maintain and repair all types of pressurisation unit from the basic single pump system to the more complex water transfer units.

As part of our maintenance plan we check the operation of pumps, test the functionality of the pump control switch or sensor and most importantly the low pressure interlock switch.  We will check pump expansion vessels for pre-charge pressure, along with the integral cold water storage tank

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