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L8 Legionella

L8 Legionella Control

We offer a range of services to help you meet your L8 Legionella obligations. We understand it can be quite daunting when faced with the requirements of any written assessment and the routine tasks that need to be carried out. We can help you meet your obligations.

Legionella is potentially a fatal disease caused by inhaling particles of water containing the legionella bacteria. The symptoms are headaches, high fever and confusion which can lead to death

Compliance with L8

As part of the control measures which need to be put into place by the duty holder or the responsible person onsite, there are actions which need to be carried out as a control measure. Legionelle bacteria can colonise in various parts of the cold and hot water system. Areas which should recieve attention some of which are detailed below

Dead legs or blanked off sections of pipework

Flexible EPDM tap connectors

TMV Mixing Valves and outlet pipework

Potable Water Expansion Vessels

Cold Water Storage Tanks

Hot Water Cylinders

Air Handling Ventilation Units

Air Conditioning Systems


Through our specialist sub contractors we can offer the chlorination of cold water storage tanks and cleaning, risk assessments and water system schematic diagrams

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