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Building Management Controls

Building Management Systems, Optimisers & Weather Compensators

Many commercial building now have advanced heating and hot water control systems in place to save you energy. We work on many of the common controllers available and we have specialist contractors on board to assist with the likes of Trend building management systems (BMS) control systems where access software is required to program control strategies to suit the buildings requirements. If you have any problems with the controls, just give us a ring and we will be able to assist.

Optimiser Controllers

The function of an optimiser controller, standalone or incorporated within a BMS system, is to save money.  The controller switches on the heating at the latest possible moment, ensuring that the building temperature  can be raised to the desired  temperature set point. Many controllers learn how long it takes to bring the building up to temperature each day and adjusts  time accordingly. In early summer it takes less time.  In winter it takes much longer, so the controller will frequently adjust switch on time to suit. The same applies to the off time.  If the building is warm and, depending on outside air temperature, the controller will turn off the heating earlier that the occupied time if it has calculated there is sufficient temperature to last the day.

Weather Compensators

Weather compensators also can be part of a BMS program or as a stand along controller. The purpose of the controller is to save energy.  It uses a weather dependant adjustment to the flow temperature in conjunction with a mixing valve on the the heating pipework feeding your radiators. The controller usually has an outdoor sensor and works to a pre-defined heating curve set by the user.  From this curve the controller can calculate a desired flow temperature required for your radiators. For example in winter, where temperatures outside are freezing, the flow temperature may be 80 degrees C.  However in spring, where outside air temperature is 15 degrees C, the flow temperature can be reduced saving money on energy.

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