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Service Agreements

Service Plan

We offer bespoke service plans to suit your building, unlike domestic properties one plan does not suit all installations, so we tailor our service plan to your needs as not all buildings are alike. Why not take a look at our services page to see what we can include in our service plans

We can offer simple annual boiler service to a full inclusive package

All clients with service agreements will benefit from a prioritised response time and we’ll cover you on emergency out of hours call outs too. We have a few Q&A page below with more information, but if you can’t find what your looking for, just give us a call and we’d be happy to answer any questions

Yes - its a legal requirement under the Health and Safety at Work Act. Its the duty of every employer to ensure that any gas appliance, installation pipework of flue system installed at any place of work under his / her control is maintained in a safe condition. We can help you meet your obligations
Preferably yes - if your accounts department requires order numbers for an invoice to be submitted, then we would need an order number. However an email from someone in the position who can authorise work would also be acceptable if the work is urgent providing the order number will follow
Yes - all our engineers undergo fire awareness training. We can send you certificates in advance of work being carried out for any of our engineers
Yes - we have been trained in carrying our Risk Assessments and Method Statements along with COSHH training too. So we produce all RAMS in house and safety packs for maintenance work can be sent in advance of any works being carried out
Yes - we ensure all our engineers have been trained in working at height. In addition to this we have been trained in IPAF scissor lift and booms, PASMA tower scaffold use and Ladder Safety. So you can be assured in using our services our engineers are competent. Sometimes this can be overlooked but not with us
Yes - for many years now and annually we have refresher training for all our engineers
Yes - all of our engineers have been DBS Enhanced Checked. Formally known as CRB check, we ensure all our engineers have been checked as many schools and health care environments would require this as a condition to work. It also gives our customers piece of mind that we take our responsibilities seriously
Yes - we also have been accredited by Safe Contractor
Yes - We have been accredited by CHAS for many years and continue to be assessed annually to ensure our Health & Safety exceeds their requirements
Yes - We are Gas Safe registered
Yes - We work in many large sector public and private buildings such as factories and hospitals. So we hold £10,000,000 employers liability cover
No - We will not charge you for quotations, we appreciate any opportunity to quote our services
Please call us straight away and let us know - if there is something we can change to improve our service or if you want to clear anything up or have any queries whatsoever please drop us a line. Any feedback we can learn from to help us improve our service is very much appreciated and we want all our customers to be happy
Not long - our reports are carried out using an app and stored online which is encrypted. All reports can be emailed almost immediately to the email of your choice following a site visit. We understand how important it is to have this information especially where the client may not be on the  site where the work is being carried out. In receiving this information allows you to efficiently make decisions and saves you not having to chase up reports means more time for you to concentrate on other projects
All jobs are logged with the time, date and the callers name, with the description of the work requested. All jobs are assigned a job ID number. Once the job is on our system which allows for it to be tracked by it status from 'site visit required' to 'parts ordered' or 'parts available in stock'. So we know at any point as what stage each job is, and if your repair requires parts we'll call you to arrange a return visit
We operate a fully staffed help desk during normal working hours, our team have access to all the information about your site and we know what appliances you have and where, providing we have been to you before. Someone will always pick up the phone which sets us apart and gives you reassurance
Give the helpdesk a call - we can always see the current status of parts and if necessary contact the supplier for an updated  lead in time for delivery. In some instances parts can be available over night. However some parts come from abroad and the UK manufacturer may be waiting for shipment which can take a little longer. Many boilers are made in Germany, Italy and Holland which can impact delivery times
Our system allows to track the purchase date and supplier very easily and from here we can determine if there is a warranty issue
No - we'll remember for you. We will either email you or call you as a courtesy reminder. This will usually be within the month before.
Usually very quickly, all our service engineers are tracked which enables us to see where you are located and to find the closest engineer geographically to your site enabling us to offer a fast response time. We can also give you an estimated time of arrival in real time, for example where someone needs to meet us on site with an access key we can call you 15mins before our arrival
If your problem is urgent, and you have a service agreement with us, then we'll be there as soon as possible to try and get you back up and running - usually within 24hrs
No - not automatically, as our engineers may be pointing something out which may need to be considered in the future, or where a part is becoming worn but is working. These are more observations and to ensure we communicate as much information to the customer to enable an informed decision to be made. However if there is anything that you specifically would like a quotation for based on comments or recommendations made we can certainly on request provide you with a quotation
Quotations are valid for 30 days
No problem - if you have a service agreement with us, we will support outside of normal working hours. We have a dedicated team of engineer available for emergency call outs. We have 2 contact numbers which are detailed on our answer service to use to contact us
Yes - our software logs all jobs, parts used, dates we attended and what work was carried out. We have history for all our customers dating back to 2004 so we can quickly establish patterns which can be useful in resolving long term problems. Having historic data has proven to be very useful for our customers where for instance, a new caretaker or site manager comes to a site and there is little information to hand. We can help with this