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AHU Ventilation & Heat Recovery

AHU Ventilation & Heat Recovery

We service, maintain and repair all types of Air Handling Units (AHU) and Extract Ventilation Units. We offer a programme of preventative maintenance to meet your budgets. Our PPM provides an assessment of the overall condition of air handling and extraction systems

Having dirty coils and blocked air filters within air handling units pushes up energy costs with the increased resistance fan motors making them work harder. As part of routine maintenance, filters should be replaced at regular intervals.

Indoor Air Quality

Poor indoor air quality can lead to as increase in people suffering from asthma, most individuals spend 90% of their time indoors and therefore exposed to the indoor environment. Therefore good ventilation and air changes is important and using mechanical ventilation systems is a way this can be achieved. However once installed maintenance can often be overlooked or simply forgotten about as often sited  in roof voids and on roofs

Air Handling Units

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Extract Ventilation

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Heat Recovery Unit

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Other Info

Did you know inadequate ventilation within modern buildings where below 0.5 air changes per hour is also associated with a higher airborne infectious disease transmission? Such as the common cold which can cause havoc in shared offices with poor ventilation. The link between poor indoor air quality and health is well documented

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