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Air Handling Units

Air Handling Unit Maintenance

We carry out the servicing, maintain and repair all makes and models of air handling unit and can assist with your routine maintenance and any support you in the event of a breakdown. We offer  annual or six monthly maintenance visits where we would carry out the replacement of any panel filters, bag filters and drive belts within the ventilation unit

Regular maintenance of mechanical ventilation equipment and air handling units is essential in order to ensure that buildings remain healthy places to work and have good indoor air quality (IAQ).  We use a biocide treatment to clean coils and cabinet in order to prevent microbiological growth.


Air filters come in panel, bag and cartridge versions and should be regularly changed to keep indoor environments clean and free from particles and dust. They also ensure the supply ductwork does not become contaminated along with the outlet diffuser grilles so this is one of the most important aspects of the AHU which can sometimes be overlooked

Heavily clogged pr loaded filters increase the energy consumption by the fan motor which reduces operational efficiency by adding additional resistance to move volumes of air through the unit

Drive Belts

Drive belts where fitted should also be checked and replaced where necessary being the critical link between motor and fan. When drive belts fail, the ventilation still stop and there is usually no warning beforehand.  We recommend drive belts are replaced during routine maintenance at least annually to ensure no breakdowns occurs

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