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Cold Water Boosters

Cold Water Boosters

All Cold Water Boosters require routine service and maintenance on an annual basis to ensure reliable operation and longevity. There are many components on the booster which should be tested and checked during any routine maintenance visit to pre-empt future problems.

Booster Set Maintenance

To ensure a consistent supply pressure of water from the booster and to identify problems before they turn into major failures there are a number of key items that should be checked regularly.

Motors and Pumps

The pumps and motors are of particular importance along with the  mechanical seals which also should be checked and replaced if leaking water to prevent problems with corrosion. Bearings and wear should also be assessed along with any excess noise and vibration.

Expansion Pressure Buffer Vessels

Expansion pressure buffer vessel accumulators should be checked for adequate charge pressure to ensure the pump is not short cycling. This can cause unnecessary wear,  fluctuating water pressure or water hammer.

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