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Kitchen Equipment Service, Repairs & Maintenance

We understand that there is nothing more inconvenient that when commercial catering equipment breaks down and you have hungry customers, employees or residents to feed. Whether you run a business, hotel, school or care home, catering appliances are business critical to your operation. We can help support you with routine service, maintenance and repairs.

We provide annual certification for commercial gas kitchen appliances throughout Wrexham, Chester and North Wales in order to ensure you remain compliant. Having catering appliances tested annually and monitoring of the CO2 levels within kitchens is critical to ensuring levels do not exceed 2800ppm. Having a safe environment to work in is mandatory.

Kitchen Gas Interlock Alarm Panels

A litchen interlock system is  another important ancillary component which can often be overlooked. In the event of failure, it can mean the loss of the gas supply to all the kitchen appliances.  Therefore, it is critical that these are also checked to ensure reliability and functionality as intended. We also understand and can repair any associated supply & extract ventilation systems associated with the kitchens

Appliance Manufacturers

Blueseal | Burco | Falcon | Hobart | Lincat | Moorwood Vulcan | Parry

Catering Appliances

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Kitchen Ventilation Systems

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Kitchen Gas Interlock Panels

For kitchen gas interlock alarm panels, gas solenoid valves proving systems please click here

Other Info

Our engineers hold many years of experience working with commercial catering and ventilation systems.  We frequently work in care homes, hotels, schools and colleges


Why not give us a call and we can discuss your requirements.  You might also like to schedule and engineer’s visit.

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